10 Awesome Halloween Food Ideas For Kids, With Recipes

Most children enjoy Halloween and love to go trick or treating. So surprise them with a spooky Halloween-themed party this time with our list of Halloween food for kids.

Halloween is a fun holiday for children as they get to dress up in spooky costumes and eat lots of candy. To spice up the festivities, you could cook up a menu inspired by the holiday for your Halloween party, which will surely be a hit among their friends.

Scroll through this post as we have put together a collection of tasty, spooky-looking Halloween recipes that are easy to prepare and will bring life to your party.

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Top 10 Halloween Food Ideas For Kids

Well, a Halloween-themed party doesn’t mean you only have to focus on the dress and decorations; your food and snacks will need to be spooky too. And if you’ve decided to handle the menu yourself, we are here to help. Check out some cool Halloween food for kids party that you can prepare easily at home.

1. Ghostie Bananas:

These are a quick and healthy finger food that kids invited will gobble down in minutes.

  • Cut each banana into half and use a piping bag containing dark chocolate cream.
  • Draw eyes and a scary grin on the banana such that it has a ‘ghosty’ look to it.
  • So easy and simple Halloween food for kids!
protip_icon Quick tip
Cut bananas into rounds and draw ghost faces using dark chocolate cream to make fruity ghosties.

2. Skeleton Cupcakes:

Skeleton cupcakes, Halloween food ideas for kids

Image: Shutterstock

Baking your own batch of homemade cupcakes? Give them a spooky twist.

  • Just cover each cupcake with chocolate cream.
  • Use marzipan or white fondant to mold a skeleton’s head.
  • Use chocolate chips for eyes, and place it onto each cupcake.

3. Finger Rolls:

Finger rolls, Halloween food ideas for kids

Image: Shutterstock

This one is a cool twist to the veggie rolls you’ll be making for your kid.

  • Wrap up some freshly chopped vegetables stir fried in a spicy sauce in a sheet of basic pastry dough.
  • Roll it up tightly such that the shape and size match that of a human finger.
  • Now cut out ‘nails’ using a tomato, and place it over the area where the fingernail should be.
  • Bake till the crust turns golden brown.

4. Alien Cookies:

Image: Shutterstock

There’s nothing better than baking a batch of fresh, homemade cookies. However, this time you’ll be giving your cookies a dark streak.

  • Keep your cookie batter plain and simple, no choco chips or any other chunks.
  • When you place them on the baking tray, create two depressions for both the eyes of the alien.
  • Then using a piping bag, shape eyes using chocolate sauce in the depression. Bake and serve!

5. Spooky Pizza:

Image: Shutterstock

This halloween party food for kids will surely be a favorite amongst all.

  • Look up some simple pizza recipe online and stick to using fresh ingredients for the pizza.
  • Now, instead of topping the pizza with grated cheese, cut out cheese slices in the shape of floating ghosts, witches, bats, or spiders and place them over the red pizza sauce.
  • Use chopped olives for the ghost’s eyes (eyeballs) and serve with terror!

6. Boo Spaghetti:

Boo spaghetti, Halloween food ideas for kids

Image: IStock

Kids absolutely love spaghetti, and here’s a good way to make it spooky and perfect for the scary theme of Halloween.

  • On a plate of spaghetti topped with red tomato sauce, make a scary face using cream cheese from a piping bag.

Additionally, you can use the cream cheese to make shapes of monsters or jack-o’-lanterns to further scare them.

7. Grave Milkshake:

Grave milkshake, Halloween food ideas for kids

Image: Shutterstock

Here is a spooky milkshake that kids will gulp down in a jiffy.

  • Prepare a simple milkshake and pour it into glasses of your preference.
  • Now take simple round biscuits, coat them with chocolate, and draw spooky pumpkins or other characters on each one
  • using a piping bag containing colored chocolate cream, and allow it to dry.
  • Place this on the milkshake using a stick or straw supporting the glass’s edge.
protip_icon Quick tip
Pour drops of strawberry sauce on the glass’s rim to give this delicious beverage a blood-dripping, spooky effect.

8. Smiley Bites:

Image: Shutterstock

Another healthy and power-packed snack to try out for Halloween parties. All you need for this kids halloween food is a few apples and a bag of small white marshmallows.

  • Cut out slices of apple (unpeeled) such that the edge of each side looks like a lip.
  • Now place two ‘lips’ together. You may also use corn to add fangs.
  • Between each lip add some marshmallows to hold them in place. You can also use chocolate cream that hardens on drying.

9. Mummy Sausages:

Image: Shutterstock

Used to eating hot dogs between a bun and drizzling some mustard and ketchup? Give the good old sausages a new avatar!

  • Prepare dough, cut out sheets and wrap them around a sausage like a ‘mummy,’ leaving some space for the ‘face.’
  • Add details to the face using ketchup, olives and other foods and bake it till the crust is crisp.
protip_icon Quick tip
Serve mummy sausages on a wooden plate lined with gauze dressings to accentuate the eeriness.

10. Eye Pie:

Eye pie, Halloween food ideas for kids

Image: Shutterstock

Is it a simple pasta bake or a shepherd’s pie you’re attempting to transform? Yes, it can be one of the best kids’ Halloween party foods.

  • Prepare the pie as usual.
  • Before you put it in the oven to bake, take a refrigerated pie crust sheet and cut scary face features, such as hollow eyes and mouth with stitches on it.
  • Place the sheet on the top of the pie and put it into the oven to bake a creepy Halloween treat for kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do children want on Halloween?

Besides candies and other sweet treats, children may love glow-in-the-dark stickers, party masks, and slap bracelets with ghosts or spider patterns.

2. Which is the least favorite candy on Halloween?

Determining the least favorite candy may not be possible as it depends on one’s individual preferences. However, candy corn or fruit-flavored chews such as gummies may be the least favorite candies among trick-or-treaters.

3. What is the most popular food to eat on Halloween?

Candies are often considered to be the most popular food, especially among children, to eat on Halloween. However, other foods such as tacos, caramel popcorn, and pumpkin pie could also be widely consumed during Halloween celebrations.

Halloween foods for kids can multiply their excitement. You can add a dash of spookiness with some ghosty bananas or skeleton cupcakes. Make your child go wide-eyed with Boo spaghetti and an eye pie. Let your imagination run wild to create mummy sausages, grave milkshakes, alien cookies, or finger rolls to send chills down their spine. Cut out ghost-sized cheese slices for a spooky pizza to percolate the Halloween vibe. The recipes mentioned here are not just healthy but also look super scary.

Infographic: Spooky And Delicious Halloween Food Ideas For Children

Halloween is a time for spooky fun and delicious treats, especially for children. If you want to add food-related excitement to your Halloween festivities, explore the infographic below for some tasty treats and food ideas that will perfectly match the Halloween theme.

interesting food ideas to match the halloween theme for children (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

Key Pointers

  • A Halloween-themed party can be made more festive by preparing a menu inspired by the holiday.
  • Halloween food ideas can enhance the excitement and liveliness of the party.
  • The food should have a spooky appearance and be easy to prepare.
  • Some Halloween food ideas for kids include ghostie bananas, skeleton cupcakes, finger rolls, alien cookies, spooky pizza, and mummy sausages.
  • Smiley bites, boo spaghetti, and eye pie are delicious recipes with scary-looking appearances that are worth trying for Halloween.

Halloween is a fun, spooky and innovative time for you and your kids. Check out this video to learn some easy food hacks that will help you make some spooky snacks and treats that will delight your little ones.


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