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What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag For C-Section

Few sets of loose and comfortable knickers
Bathroom robes
Nursing bras
Nursing pads
Sanitary pads
Blanket & Pillow
Socks and comfortable footwear
Cell phone, charger and headphone
Breast pump
Breast or nipple cream
Outfit to wear to home
Tablet computer
Fiber rich snacks to prevent constipation
Eye mask & Ear plugs
Fun magazines
Album of family photos
Baby care handbooks

Wallet and identification papers
Phone, charger and headphone
Digital Camera
Snacks and drinks
Comfortable pair of clothes and shoes
Blanket & Pillow

Baby Clothes
Cute outfit, wear on the day of going home
Receiving blanket
Baby mittens
Baby nail clippers
Infant diapers
Baby cap
Infant feeding bottle
Snowsuits and jackets - if it is wintery and snowy
Infant car sea

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