Fertility, Pregnancy, Baby Tools & Calculators

If you have decided to be a mother, there are a lot of things you would be curious to know before your baby is born, like the baby's gender, eye color etc. MomJunction brings you pregnancy tools, which would help you in knowing your most fertile days, whether or not you are pregnant, your pregnancy due date, hCG levels during pregnancy, the contraction cycle and much more.

And, If are a new mother and Wondering if your breast milk is enough for the baby, or maybe how tall your baby is going to be? Or maybe the finances involved in bringing up the baby?

We have the special set of fertility calculators, pregnancy , baby and parenting tools that would help you throughout the stages from pre-pregnancy to pregnancy to parenting. These easy-to-use tools are so simple that all you have to do is enter some values.

Fertility Tools


How would you know the best time to conceive? Well, you should know your ovulation dates. MomJunction's Ovulation Calculator helps determine when your body has ovulated and is ready to conceive. All you have to do is add a few values to know your most fertile days and increase your chances of conception.


Of the many stages in pregnancy, implantation is one of the most important steps. There may be visible signs of implantation but it could be confusing. Use MomJunction's Implantation Calculator to be sure of your implantation date.


Your periods are probably the first indication of whether or not you are pregnant, which means that tracking them is a good idea. The MomJunction Menstrual Period Calculator helps your track your periods, and lets you know when you have missed them or if you have irregular periods. This helps you plan better for your pregnancy or otherwise.



Wondering whether you'll have a boy or girl? Don't wait till the ultrasound is done. Try the MomJucntion Chinese gender predictor which calculates your baby's gender based on the month of conception and your current age. The Chinese gender predictor uses the odd or even values of your age and the date of conception to predict gender of your baby. You could look up the free chart to get the dates for.


If you are one of those people whose mind is riddled with pregnancy doubts and queries and just can't wait to know if you have conceived yet, then MomJunction's Online Pregnancy Test will help you out. Home pregnancy test kits can be expensive, and a doctor's visit may not be required at the moment. So, take this 13-question free pregnancy test and based on what your symptoms are, feel free to decide whether or not you are pregnant.


Knowing when your baby is coming to the world can help you prep your finances and also plan better. And if you are in a hurry to know just that, then MomJunction's Due Date Calculator would tell you when the good news is due. The calculator gives you the due date based on your last period.


Do you think you have gone over the mark on the weighing scale? If you are worried about the right pregnancy weight, then MomJunction's Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator helps you stay healthy and within the mark. It also comes with a printable week-by-week pre-pregnancy BMI chart to help you gain weight healthily.


A home pregnancy test kit may not be a fool-proof evidence of your pregnancy. This is simply because if there are changes in your hCG levels, the kit shows an incorrect result. MomJunction's hCG calculator takes two of your hCG readings between a certain time interval and gives you the hCG shift. This enables you to understand whether the levels are normal or increasing.


Contractions are important to know whether or not you are close to labor. This helps you know when to see a doctor or midwife. Therefore, if you want to track your contractions, then use the MomJunction Contraction Calculator. With a simple click of buttons, the timer will let you know how close or far you are from labor.

Online Twin Pregnancy Quiz

What are your chances of having twins? Well, that depends on several factors such as family history, your height and weight, body type, dietary choices and of course, your ethnicity. Take this fun quiz here to determine the chances of conceiving doubles.



What would be the color of your baby's eyes? Well, it depends on the genes, which means your baby is going to get the color from you and your ancestors. MomJunction's Baby Eye Color Calculator requires you to enter your and your partner’s eye color, and you will instantly know the color of your baby's eyes.


Most parents are worried about their child's height and look for ways to improving them. MomJunction's Child Height Predictor estimates the height of your child based on your and your partner’s height.

Numerology Calculator

In numerology, the life path of every person revolves around the lucky birth number that is calculated using the letters of the name. The numbers decode your personality traits, hidden powers and life challenges. Use our numerology calculator today to discover what life is bringing your way in future and unleash your hidden strengths.

Child Blood Type Calculator

The blood groups of biological parents determine a child's blood group. If you want to know your unborn baby’s blood type, use our tool to determine the blood group that your child will likely belong to. Blood groups as classified by the ABO system include A, B, AB, or O, and could be either Rh+ or Rh-.

Nakshatra Calculator

Every child’s birth is ruled by a nakshatra that determines the first letter of the name or the syllables that the name might start with. Our tool helps you determine your baby’s birth star, and other astrological information to choose the right name that could bring good luck to the child.

Diaper Bag Checklist

Need to know what all to pack in the diaper bag when planning for an outing with your baby? Our diaper bag checklist will help you get prepared with all the necessities for you and your baby. You can also get a free printable copy to keep them in check.



Babies need to be fed at timely intervals to make sure that they are growing well. But how would you know the minimum and maximum amounts of breastmilk or express milk required? It's simple. Use MomJunction's Breastmilk Calculator to calculate the average, minimum, and maximum amounts of breastmilk for your little one.


One of the first lines of defense for a baby, after a mother's immunity, is immunization. It keeps the baby away from various infections and diseases. But how would you know what vaccination is required when? Just enter the date of birth of your child in MomJunction's Immunization Scheduler And Chart and get your personalized scheduler with dates of all important vaccinations for a happy and healthy child.


Baby's arrival squeezes your finances. And if you haven't planned your finances in advance, then MomJunction's First-Year Baby Costs Calculator can help you with it. It comes with an estimated annual cost of $12,500 and displays a list of expenses you could choose from. Based on your suggestions, it would show an approximate amount that you will be spending on your baby in the first year.


The right body mass index (BMI) indices proper growth. MomJunction's BMI calculator lets you choose your baby's gender and preferred unit of measurement to calculate the BMI. It also gives you suggestions on the correct weight that you should be in, in case you fall in the over or underweight category. It also has an Adult BMI Calculator.


If you want to know whether or not your child is growing well, then you must use the MomJuntion Child Growth Percentile Calculator. It calculates your child's weight, height, and head circumference for his age group and compares it with other children of the same age group to give a percentile score.


A multitude of things are necessary when you're going in for a C-section. Remembering all the things in the nth hour could be quite a task. MomJunction brings you a list of all things necessary for a C-section. We provide an exhaustive list of all those necessary things, which you should have with you, minus the clutter!