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Relationships are fragile and need your love and attention to grow and sustain. Get the relationship advice you need to make yours last a lifetime.

Relationships require constant effort to make them last long. If you are looking for ways to make your relationship stronger or are trying to understand a relationship, our posts on different situations with your loved ones can help you navigate. Our Relationship category posts delve deeper into the nuances of relationships. We explore the many layers to answer your questions. Most relationships start with love and attraction, but matters of love can be baffling. To make things understandable and clear, we have posts dedicated to connections between partners, with parents, siblings, and even in-laws. To get some perspective, you may check our posts on what is the meaning of love in a relationship or what is true love in a relationship. When you are sure you are in love, you may move on to the dating phase, wherein you can explore dating vs relationship to better understand your feelings. If you are looking for a serious relationship, read about the best dating app for a serious relationship, and if you feel you are on weak footing in matters of love, you may explore communication in a relationship that will help you convey your feelings effectively. You may be looking for a quick fix or a more detailed guide, we have something for everything associated with relationships. You will find a wide range of relationship topics written or reviewed by experts in the field.

When you are in a new relationship, you may have several questions overwhelming you. Our relationship page is the one place to get answers to all your apprehensions. You will find topics discussing in depth, from a platonic relationship that can make your life more beautiful to a toxic relationship that can ruin your life. You will even find expert advice on how to maintain a long-distance relationship. We also help you know the difference between a polyamorous and an open relationship. Whether you wish to know about a rebound or a linear relationship, signs of a toxic relationship, to tips on how to fix a broken relationship, you will find detailed posts on how to determine the kind of relationship you share with someone. Reading them may also help you understand the importance of relationship management and how to identify red flags.

Since relationships require constant efforts to sustain for a long time, there are many ways to keep them going. For instance, you can add excitement by sending relatable and thoughtful quotes to your loved one. We have listed new relationship quotes, love-hate, funny relationship, and even quotes for in-laws, parents, and siblings. These posts also contain videos by experts giving valuable advice on relationships. They will help you understand how to build a healthy relationship and also guide you on how to move on or mend the connections in case things do not go your way. You will also find articles with systematic instructions on strengthening your bond to make it last longer. If reading articles is not your thing, then you may check out the fun relationship quizzes. Even a simple quiz or activity can help you get closer to your partner. These options may help you identify your relationship style or areas where there is scope for improvement. Our relationship posts are not limited to romance, you will find posts on relationships between parents and children, friends, co-workers, and in-laws. We explain the importance of relationships and how they affect physical and mental health. MomJunction’s relationship page is an ocean of knowledge that you need to dive into for any guidance related to relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to define a relationship?

    Every relationship is unique. So, the definition of a relationship depends on the individuals involved. Love, trust, and respect are believed to be crucial qualities for a bond to sustain for long. However, there are relationships that have survived with just one or two of these qualities. Also, there are one-sided and unconditional relationships. Hence, there cannot be a common way or a universal definition.

  • How to start a relationship?

    There are innumerable ways to start a relationship and the most common way is through friendship. Spend time with them, be a patient listener, share your opinions, and have regular conversations that are interesting and pleasant. Ensure that they like being in your company. As you get to know each other better, initiate deeper and more meaningful conversations. When you feel you have formed a strong bond, you may ask them if they would be interested in starting a relationship with you.

  • What is the 5-5-5 rule relationship?

    It is said that when a couple argues about something, they need to follow the 5-5-5 rule to resolve it. As per the 5-5-5 rule, each partner gets 5 minutes to speak while the other patiently listens. The final five minutes are supposed to be the time when they mutually find a way to resolve their differences.

  • What is a respectful relationship?

    A respectful relationship is one in which both partners share a mutual love and admiration for each other. No matter what situation they are in, they treat one another with dignity and consideration. They do not judge and give importance to each other’s opinions and feelings.

  • What does a romantic relationship mean?

    A romantic relationship is a bond between two people formed by attraction, intimacy (physical and emotional), and affection. Apart from these basic qualities, a romantic relationship also involves trust and loyalty. It is also characterized by companionship and commitment.

  • What are the different types of relationships?

    Every individual forms various relationships in their life. These could be family relationships, romantic partnerships, friendships, professionals, casual relationships, and casual acquaintances. Each of these relationships can be transformed into a deeper and more meaningful relationship.