Food and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition

The key to guiding your teen towards a healthy lifestyle.

Explore interesting recipes and suggestions about food that you can use to guide your developing teen toward a healthy lifestyle.

Adequate nutrition is an important part of the adolescent years. Providing good food and nutrition to your teens provides them with energy and helps them achieve their physical and psychological milestones. We provide you with ample ideas of food for teens in the form of recipes and suggestions that will come in handy for you while searching for the right nutrition tips for your child. Nutrients such as vitamins B, C, A, and D, calcium, carbohydrates, protein, and minerals are some of the important parts of a balanced diet that teens should consume. These help in the proper development of bones, reduce the risks of anemia and improve their cognitive functions in the long term.

Proper nutrition and the availability of healthy foods for teens play a role in adequate physical development and help with one’s mental health. For example, nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids improve the functioning of the brain and also help in enhancing one’s mood. However, on the other hand, consuming excessive junk food can leave one feeling bloated and sick, increasing the risks of obesity, which may increase the risk of mental health issues.

We also acknowledge that teens might not always be very keen on healthy food. Discover ways to deal with such situations as well here. You can start by changing how you prepare and present the food. A simple, healthy snack or dish can be made attractive for your child by including their choice of ingredients and working on its presentation. Find interesting dinner ideas for teens that will appeal to your teen’s eyes and taste buds.

Parties and get-togethers are also an essential part of the teenage years. This brings us to the section on party foods for teens. Just because they are having a party does not mean that it has to include deep-fried and oily food on the menu. You can make delicious party snacks and finger foods for your teen and their friends without compromising their taste or health. For example, instead of ordering pizza, you can make dishes such as fruit kebabs, a cheese platter, sushi rolls, guacamole with chips or nachos, and stuffed mushrooms.

During the teenage years, it is common for children to start working on their physical appearance and try to look and feel better about themselves. This brings up the idea of dieting and controlling their food intake. We bring your resources about how to rightly help your child follow a diet, along with tips and tricks that can help make the diet effective. However, it is important to note that consulting a nutritionist or a licensed medical professional about the proper diet chart your teen can follow is necessary to avoid mistakes and complications.

Apart from the healthy eating tips and recipes you will find here, an important concern we also address under this category is the loss of appetite in teenagers. Teenage is the time when your child will undergo a change in their taste palate, causing them to refuse several kinds of food. This not only affects their nutrition intake but can also affect their physical development and increase the risks of developing eating disorders. In such situations, it is advised to consult a doctor in order to identify the underlying cause of such aversions and take the right measures, on time, to deal with it.

Read along and explore the wide range of posts that we have compiled here. We have tried our best to provide you with the most relevant information to help you guide your teen towards a healthy eating journey and aid in their all-around development. You can also include them in the preparation process or give them recipes to try on their own to help establish a healthy relationship with food and discover their likes and dislikes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What food is good for puberty?

    Foods such as milk, cheese, lean meat, fish, eggs, chickpeas, yogurt, tofu, and nuts can help teenagers gain calcium, protein, and other essential nutrients that are required for adequate growth and development during puberty (1).

  • How can parents encourage their teens to make healthier food choices?

    By modeling good eating, praising your child's healthy choice of food, talking to them about being healthy, and promoting the idea of good health beyond family boundaries, parents can help their teens to eat healthy (2).

  • What are some signs that my teen may have an eating disorder?

    Common symptoms of eating disorders include skipping meals frequently, weight loss, frequent dieting, aversion to certain foods, preoccupation with figure and weight, sleep problems, and difficulty concentrating, among others (3). Parents should be aware of these symptoms and take necessary steps from the beginning to avoid complications.

  • What are some healthy and unhealthy food choices for children?

    Examples of healthy food options for teenagers include chickpeas, fruits, nuts, yogurt, chicken, and beans. On the other hand, unhealthy food options include fried foods, pizza, pastries, soda, and other sugary snacks.