200+ Latest Baby Girl Names With Meanings

The moment you welcomed your baby girl into this world and held them in your arms was when you knew they would be the most special person in your life. Hence, you should choose the perfect name for your little bundle of joy. We help you in this quest by listing the latest baby girl names with meanings. Once you choose a name, it’s going to stick with your child forever. So don’t be hasty with this decision.

Before beginning your search for baby names, ask yourself what kind of name you want to choose. It could be traditional; for example, it could commemorate your ancestors. Or it could be edgy and modern. You could also choose a name from a different language or culture to add an exotic touch to your little one’s name.

Parents also tend to choose names that are easy to pronounce. Nwenna Kai, a mother and an author, shares that people had difficulty taking her Nigerian name, which led to her distress. She did not want that to happen to her daughter. She says, “Even though my daughter has an African name, I gave her a name that White people could easily pronounce because I didn’t want her going through the painstaking process of having to correct White people each time they said her name incorrectly. That was my entire childhood and early adulthood experience, and because of the agony of correcting people over and over again, I began to shrink myself emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically (i)”

In this post, we have listed some beautiful girl name ideas that will give you a headstart while considering a name for your baby girl.

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Latest Names For Baby Girls With Meanings

1. Aadin

This Indian name derived from Sanskrit means  whole day.  It is a good choice for parents looking for simple yet meaningful names for their children.

2. Aahna

It means existence and reminds the parents that this little princess gave them a meaningful reason to live, survive and work.

3. Aaliyah

This beautiful Arabic name is the feminine form of Aali and means  high, lofty, sublime.  Award-winning American singer and actress Aaliyah Haughton (known mononymously as Aaliyah) popularized this name.

4. Aaliyan

It is a Hebrew word which means above all. Your little girl means the most to you and above all things else. This name could also mean your daughter is above everything else or a born leader.

5. Aarzoo

It means a wish; your daughter could mean a wish that has been granted.

6. Adalyn

This modern name is a variant of the traditional English and French name, Adeline. Though it has a noble meaning, this name manages to combine the vintage and modern effectively by the addition of the-lynsuffix.

7. Abigale

This modern variant of the classic Abigail is sure to put a smile on your face. Abigail means  my father is joy  and is a Biblical name too.

8. Addyson

This variant of Addison means  son of Adam  and can be considered to be a modern biblical name. The addition of y in the name makes it stand out.

9. Alaina

A variant of Alana that means  little rock  or  handsome  and possibly inspired by the modern spelling of Elaine, this also ends with -a which puts it high on the appeal meter.

10. Amora

This lovely name is actually based on the Latin word amor meaning  love.  Your little one can spread love wherever she goes.

11. Amulya

It means priceless or precious. You could name your daughter so as she means the world to you and nothing could measure or pay up for the joy she brings to you.

12. Anandi

Full of joy, life and vibrant. This name would lend a sense of happiness and excitement into the name your daughter has and will give the person pronouncing it a sense of fulfillment as well.

13. Archisa

This Indian name is rarely used but has a wonderful meaning. It is derived from the Sanskrit word archis, which means  ray of light  or  luster.

14. Asteria

This celestial name comes from the Greek word Asterios, meaning  starry  or  of the sky.  Asteria is a minor goddess in Greek mythology and is the daughter of the Titans, Phoebe and Coeus.

15. Aviana

This beautiful name for girls was probably born as an elaboration of Ava combined with a touch of Ariana. Ava is a variant of the biblical Eve which also means  to breathe.  Avianna is a variant of this name.

16. Baylee

The origin of this name, Bailey, started off as a boy’s name and gradually gained popularity as a girl’s name. Baylee means  bailiff  and will give your child an air of authority.

17. Baylor

Another posh name starting with the  bay  sound, this name is possibly derived from a German surname. It joins the ranks of names starting with bay- like Baylee.

18. Beau

Beau is a modern Dutch name that means  beautiful, handsome  in French. It is a unisex name that appeared in Margaret Mitchell’s epic novel Gone with the Wind.

19. Beyoncé

This is another name made popular by a singer. Beyoncé Knowles made her debut with Destiny s Child in 1990 and since then, this name has been a favorite for baby girls.

20. Bhuwana

The word means “being”. It could be used to name your daughter to denote the reason for your existence and very being.

21. Blaire

This modern name for girls is a variation of the unisex name Blair, which means  plain,   field,  or  battlefield.  Though it is a powerful name, it is also stylish and creative.

22. Bowie

Bowie is derived from a Scottish surname meaning  yellow.  Music lovers can choose this name for their little one in honor of legendary musician David Bowie.

23. Braelyn

This modern name has become popular in recent years because of the coveted -lyn suffix. It is considered similar to names like Adalyn and Caitlyn.

24. Brianna

Though the word has Irish origins, it stands to show two important habits of honor and virtue in a girl.

25. Brielle

A latest name that also has biblical roots. Brielle is a short form of Gabrielle, which is the feminine form of Gabriel. It is the perfect modern name for your angelic little one.

26. Britney

A novel variant of Brittany which comes from the place with the same name in the northwest of France. Britney came into prominence when pop singer Britney Spears made her appearance in the late 1990s.

27. Cadence

The soothing sound of this name is in tandem with its meaning, which is  rhythm  or  flow.  This name will give you joy every time you utter it.

28. Cali

If you like the classic Caroline but are looking for a modern option, you can go for Cali. Cali is the variation of Callie and means  man  or  army.

29. Capri

This modern name is for travel enthusiasts who love the Italian island of Capri. It has multiple meanings including wild boar or goats.

30. Carley

This feminine version of Carl meaning  man  is a wonderful name choice for girls. It can be spelled as Carly or Karlee too.

31. Caroline

The name is a little old and sounds much like a character of a book, it actually means little and strong. You little princess may be little, but she will be a strong woman one day.

protip_icon Trivia
Caroline is inspired by its male counterpart Karl or Charles. Carolyn, Carole, Carol, Carly and Carrie are some of the variants of this name.

32. Chahat

This means love in Hindi or a longing. Naming your daughter Chahat could mean that she is your love or means the world to you as she expresses to you all that love is about.

33. Chandana

Sandalwood or Chandan in Hindi, meaning something that gives a nice smell, unaffected by the poison outside.

34. Chanelle

This elegant name is a variant of the equally elegant Chanel, which is a prominent fashion line in the US. Adding an -le to the end gives this name a stylish twist.

35. Channing

Channing is a unisex name that probably became popular because of the American actor Channing Tatum. It is possibly one of the names derived from a surname.

36. Charu

This means beautiful and sweet in nature as well. It is a traditional name, easy to pronounce and spell.

37. Charvi

As beautiful as your little princess, this word means beautiful in Hindi, beauty both on the inside and out.

38. Chelsey

This unique twist on the vintage Chelsea makes it stand in the forefront of latest names. Though new, this name still carries the old-world feeling of the original name that comes from the name of a London district.

39. Chhavi

The Hindi word means reflection and could denote that your daughter is a reflection of both you and your better half.

40. China

This cute name is derived from the name of the Asian country. Though it sounds sweet, China is a powerful name and bestows authority on the bearer.

41. Chloe

Though the name sounds English or Christian for most people in the country, this word of Greek origin means blooming.

42. Ciera

This modern twist on the adventurous Sierra means  mountain range  in Spanish. It is sure to bestow an adventurous spirit and the will to climb jagged mountains in your child.

43. Claire

The word with Latin origins literally means clear and bright. Your little princess could wear the name with pride as one with a clear head and heart and a bright mind.

44. Dakota

This name is derived from the name of the Native American people of the northern Mississippi Valley. Famous bearers of this name include Dakota Johnson and Dakota Fanning.

45. Daleyza

This extremely rare name is possibly an elaboration of Dalia, which is the name of a flower. Larry Hernandez, Mexican-American singer and songwriter, gave his daughter this name.

46. Danielle

As different as the word is, it is Hebrew in origin and means only God can judge me or God is my judge. Your daughter can only be judged by god and no one else should do that. You could bless your daughter with the name to introduce in her a confidence that is the best and only the supreme lord has the power to judge her.

47. Danika

This beautiful name with three syllables is the variation of Danica, which means morning star or Venus. This name also sounds similar to Monika and so may appeal to new parents.

48. Deepali

The Hindi word means light and your daughter is indeed the little bundle of joy and source of light in your life and you could name her Deepali to show how she lights up your life.

49. Deja

This short two-syllable name comes from the French phrase déjà vu. It gained popularity when the 1995 movie Higher Learning featured a character named Deja with Tyra Banks in the role.

50. Demi

Demi could be the variation of Dimi or the diminutive of Demetria both of which come from Demeter, meaning earth mother. It was made popular by the actress Demi Moore and revived by Demi Lovato in later years.

51. Dhwani

Sanskrit in origin, the word means music or a stream of nice music. Your little princess’s name would mean that she is the music that lights up your heart.

52. Diamond

This precious name is derived from the English word for the priceless stone and means  unconquerable  or  unbreakable.  Just like the precious stone is known for its strength, your child too will be strong.

53. Dior

This modern English name could pave the way for a fashionista on the lines of designer Christian Dior. Though originally a surname meaning  golden,  this name appeals to new parents for its connections and pronunciation.

54. Divya

Divya is a beautiful girl name

Image: Shutterstock

It means heaven or heavenly. Your daughter will openly be the person of joy, success and happiness for you and as parents you would be so proud. Divya is however a very common name in the Hindu household and all across India.

55. Dream

Make all your dreams come true with this name. Derived from the English word, this name will help your child dream big.

56. Dyanadaa

Sanskrit word which means education or someone who gives education. While the name is unique, people could find it difficult to spell and pronounce.

57. Eden

Eden means pleasure or delight in Hebrew and is the place where life began in the Bible. It is a beautiful name that promises innocence and good times to your child.

58. Egypt

This is a unisex name and is one of the few baby girl names inspired by names of countries. The name is itself derived from the Greek Aigyptos meaning  the house of the soul of Ptah.

59. Ekaja

It means only child which could reflect your dedication and devotion to raise your little girl with the best of luck if she is the only child you plan and will have.

60. Ekanshi

This is a rather unique word and a name that is hardly donned by many parents for their daughter. It means “of one part” which means she is your part forever and will be, no matter what prevails or intervenes.

61. Ekta

It means unity and she could mean how she has brought you people together as one and will bring others closer.

62. Ella

This is an English name which means a beautiful fairy woman. Naming your daughter Ella would add beauty to her name.

63. Ember

This name comes from the English word ember. This name’s similarity to Amber endears it to new parents.

64. Emerald

This is another name that is based on a precious stone and is equally invaluable. It is perfect for baby girls with green eyes or born in May as Emerald is the birthstone for May.

65. Esila

This Turkish name for girls means  late afternoon  or  evening.  It is one of the names describing the time of day and is good for parents looking for names in accordance with the time of their child’s birth.

66. Everest

Encourage your child to scale new heights with this name. Given in honor of the world’s highest peak, your child will know no fear.

67. Everly

This modern name was born from an English surname meaning  boar  and  clearing.  With several variations like Everlee and Everleigh, it is a sophisticated name with the coveted -ly ending that new parents love.

68. Falguni

It’s A name which defines beauty.

69. Fallon

A girl’s name derived from an Irish surname, Fallon means leader. It possibly gained popularity when the soap opera Dynasty featured a main character named Fallon Carrington.

70. Felisha

This ultra-stylish and posh name is a variant of Felicia, which means lucky or successful. The -sha ending gives this name an extra bit of panache.

71. Fianna

A valiant name for your little one, Fianna comes from the Irish fiann, which means  band of warriors.  It could be a good pair with Fiona as well.

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72. Firdaus

It means paradise or garden. Urdu word and Arabic origins

73. Freya

This name will bring joy in the hearts of Norse mythology lovers as it is the name of the Norse goddess of love, beauty, and war. Though an ancient name in Nordic culture, it is a newly-minted name in English.

74. Galilea

Galilea is an Italian name that is making waves in the English-speaking world. Inspired by the Italian astronomer Galileo, this name means  from Galilee.

75. Gargi

This name stands after the Goddess Durga.

76. Garvita

It means a proud lady and this name would make your daughter feel empowered at all times.

77. Genesis

This new name means birth or origin in Greek. This name could carry a special attraction for religious parents as the first book of the Old Testament or the Hebrew Bible is called Genesis.

78. Gianna

This Italian name that has made a mark as an English name has its origins in the Bible. It is also used as the short form of Giovanna and means  Yahweh is gracious.

79. Giselle

This graceful name means pledge in Old German. Giselle of Bavaria was the queen of Hungary while you can find this name in Disney’s Enchanted too.

80. Gracelyn

While Grace is a virtue name favored by the 17th-century Puritans, adding the treasured -lyn suffix lends it a sense of timelessness. It is similar to other names ending with -lyn like Adalyn and Evelyn.

81. Grey

Grey is a unique name based on a color and is similar to other color names like Blue and Amber. It comes from the English surname Gray, which was usually given to a person with gray hair or clothing.

82. Gunjan

It means the humming of the bees and is a common Hindu name.

83. Halle

Halle could have come from an Old Norse name meaning  rock  or it could be inspired by the American award-winning actress Halle Berry. Either way, you are giving your child a strong name.

84. Halo

This divine name comes from the English word meaning luminous disc or ring that usually appears above the heads of divine people in religious art. This two-syllable name is not only unique but also easy to pronounce.

85. Hannah

In Hebrew, it means gracious or one who has grace.

86. Hansa

Hansa, latest baby girl names

Image: Shutterstock

It means a swan, a beautiful person in the making.

87. Harleigh

This ultra-stylish variation of Harley is sure to grab eyeballs. The name has a modest meaning of hare or rock and clearing. For parents who are interested in names similar to DC s Harley Quinn can choose this name.

88. Hayley

This modern girl’s name with a -ley ending has several variations including Haylee, Hayleigh, and Haylie. The name means  hay clearing  and is now well-known for the British actress, Hayley Atwell.

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89. Himani

This is another word to address goddess Gauri or Durga.

90. Iesha

This African American name is a variant of Aisha, which means living or alive in Arabic. This variation became popular when Another Bad Creation released the song Iesha in 1990.

91. Indie

This name could possibly be used as a diminutive of India or Indiana but could also be a short form of  independent.  In either case, the name gives off a strong and firm vibe.

92. Indira

It is a beautiful word which means someone who brings wealth.

93. Ira

It is another word for wisdom and goddess Saraswati.

94. Iridián

This modern Spanish name is related to the Greek name Iris, meaning rainbow. It is also similar to names like Meridian that makes it stand out.

95. Isabella

In Latin, it means consecrated to God.

protip_icon Did you know?
Isabella is the Latinised version of the Hebrew name Elisheba meaning ‘God is my oath.’

96. Isabeau

This modern name in Dutch is a variant of Isabel which means  God is my oath.  Isabeau of Bavaria was the wife of Charles VI and a famous bearer of this name.

97. Isha

This is a powerful Hindi word that denotes female energy.

98. Jada

It is an Arabic word which means a gift giver.

99. Jaiden

A name starting from J always stands out in a crowd. This name is a variant of Jaden, which is an invented name with the -den suffix on the lines of Hayden and Braden.

100. Jagriti

It means awakening or awake.

101. Jaliyah

Jaliyah, an invented name, came into existence because of the popular Aaliyah. As Aaliyah means  sublime and lofty,  the same meaning could be attributed to Jaliyah too.

102. Janae

Janae is an elaborated form of the classic favorite Jane. This gentle name means Yahweh is gracious and could be said to have biblical roots too.

103. Jessica

It is another beautiful name which means wealthy in all ways.

104. Jiya

It means heart but commonly perceived to mean sweetheart.

105. Journey

Get ready for a long and fulfilling journey with your little one by choosing this name. It is derived from the English word that means day  in Latin.

106. Jordin

This unisex name evolved from another unisex name Jordan, which is the name of the river flowing between Jordan and Israel. Jordan has biblical significance as Jesus Christ was baptized near the River Jordan.

107. Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn is the modern variant of the vintage Caitlin, which means pure.  It possibly gained popularity following the appearance of American actress Kaitlyn Dever in the FX crime drama series Justified.

108. Kamryn

This is typically a girl’s name that is a variant of Cameron. Cameron literally means  crooked nose in Gaelic but became popular after actress Cameron Diaz and director James Cameron made a mark in Hollywood.

109. Kanak

It is a rather uncommon name which means gold, or heart of gold and also means wheat and its golden color.

110. Karishma

Hindi word meaning miracle.

111. Karsyn

This unique name is a variation of Carson, which comes from a Scottish surname. Karsyn has the added advantage of a  ‘y ‘ in the spelling that makes it likable.

112. Katherine

It is a Christian name which means pure and has Greek origins.

113. Kaya

This short and sweet name is a variation of the Norwegian Kaia. Both these names have two syllables and grab your attention quickly.

114. Lainey

If you like Elaine or Laney, you can choose Lainey for your child.The name means torch and will aid your child to light many lives through her life.

115. Layla

It is a Hebrew word meaning dark beauty or a beautiful night.

116. Lekha

It means to write.

117. Lillian

It is another word for the beautiful lily flower.

118. Lochana

It could mean eyes to some and longing to others due to the two commonly used words Lochan and Lalchana (greed).

119. Lorelai

This variant of Lorelei appeared in the famous TV series Gilmore Girls. It was the name of the mother of the teenage Rory and the role was portrayed by Lauren Graham.

120. Lotti

Lotti is a cute German name that is used as a diminutive for either Charlotte or Liselotte. These vintage names with beautiful meanings live on through these modern variations.

121. Loveleen

It means lost in love or always in love, has Sufi origins.

122. Lyndsay

It is a posh variant of Lindsay that actually comes from a place name called Lindsey. Lindsay started out as a boy’s name and then became popular as a girl’s name too.

123. Macey

This short and simple two-syllable name is a variation of the more popular Macy, which originally came from an English surname for people from towns called Massy in France.

124. Madelynn

A favorite with new parents with its -lynn ending, Madelynn is actually a variation of the classic Madeline. The roots of this name can be traced back to the Bible as Madeline is derived from Magdalene meaning of Magdala.

125. Madhur

It is a Hindi word that denotes a sweet or melodious person or voice.

126. Malani

This beautiful name is an English name with a Hawaiian sound similar to names like Leilani and Keilani. It is possibly a variation of the popular English name Melanie meaning black, dark.

127. Malia

The Hawaiian variant of Maria, which means beloved or loved. This name became famous when President Barack Obama’s elder daughter came into public view.

128. Maya

It means creative or magical, and often refers to God’s creativity in Hindu mythology.

129. Megan

Megan also means great in Greek

Image: Shutterstock

It is a Greek word for great and pearl-like.

130. Mehar

It means kindness or blessings.

131. Mridula

It means soft and in some cases also refers to a musical instrument.

132. Naaz

It means someone you are proud of.

133. Nakisha

This unique name combines the prefix na- with Kisha, which possibly means cinnamon  and is derived from the Bible in which Keizah is the name of Job’s beautiful daughter.

134. Nandita

It means happiness or joy or someone who is happy, being happy.

135. Nicole

French word meaning victory (usually of the people) but used only in the sense of being victorious.

136. Niharika

It means dew in Hindi and has Sanskrit origins.

137. Nova

Nova is a brand new name in Swedish and Dutch. It is derived from the Latin novus which means new.

138. Oakleigh

A modern variation of Oakley with the -leigh suffix, this name is quite popular with new parents. It comes from an English surname which means oak clearing.

139. Ojaswini

Hindi word that means graceful.

140. Olivia

Another girl’s name means olive tree in Latin.

141. Paavan

It is a Hindi word for something pure and eternal.

142. Paige

It is a rather unusual word with French origins which means a young assistant and is used mostly as a nickname for girls as they run around helping parents with day to day small tasks.

143. Paisley

More popularly known as a fabric print, this name comes from a Scots surname derived from a town near Glasgow. Paisley could mean church as it might come from the Latin basilica.

144. Palak

It is another common Hindi name which means the eyelid, often girls named so to show that they are savior.

145. Pankhuri

It is also a Hindu name which is related to flowers but in this case the word represents only the flower petals.

146. Pari

Hindi word for a fairy. Mostly used as a pet name for baby girls.

147. Phoenix

This unisex name comes from an immortal bird in Greek and Egyptian mythology meaning dark red.  Though Phoenix is the name of a city in Arizona, it could have possibly become popular after the release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

148. Prajakta

It is another not so common Hindu name for girls that means a fragrant flower.

149. Priya

Priya means beloved in Sanskrit. It is a common name that has been made a household name by many Hindi movie heroines as they play the lead role with the character named Priya.

150. Qiana

This is the name of the silk-like nylon fiber developed by DuPont and hence, the name could mean silky.  It is also the name of a West Indies cricketer who plays for the women’s national team.

151. Rachana

It means the creation of god, or to make from one’s own hands.

152. Raelyn

This unique name is a combination of Rae, which is often used as a short form of Rachel or a feminine form of Ray, and the popular suffix -lyn. Raelynn is a variation of this name with a -lynn suffix.

153. Ragini

It means a melody or a song of rhythm.

154. Reagan

Reagan originated from a surname meaning king  and was also the surname of American president Ronald Reagan. It is popular as a first name because of its similarity to names like Megan and Tegan.

155. Remy

This name is the feminine form of the French Rémy, which means  oarsman, rower  and became popular after Rémy appeared in Ratatouille. Remy allows girls to have fun with the name too.

156. Riley

It is a name with Irish origins which means valiant and is a very strong word.

protip_icon Quick fact
Riley has its roots in the Irish last name O’Reilly.

157. Ruhi

It is a Sufi word which refers to the eternal soul of a person and of the lord almighty as well.

158. Saadhvi

It is a rather unusual name for a girl since people think it refers to a female sage whereas it actually means a powerful woman.

159. Sable

This smooth modern English name means  black  and comes from the name of the black-furred animal found in Northern Asia. Parents may choose this name for their baby girl to denote her smooth and silky black hair.

160. Sachi

Sachi, latest baby girl names

Image: Shutterstock

It means grace or a lady with graceful movements at all times.

161. Saloni

This is another common name for girls which means beautiful and is Hindi in its origins.

162. Samara

This exotic name could have been taken from the city of Samarra in Iraq or Samara in Russia. It could also mean the winged seeds that grow on maple and elm trees.

163. Sara or Sarah

It means the same but is used differently across the word due to its origins and means princess.

164. Shagun

It is a Hindi name for a traditional ceremony for any occasion where people seek elder s blessings and also means auspicious.

165. Shakthi

It refers to the goddess Durga and is used to describe a woman of power and control.

166. Shanky

Shanky is a modern Hindi name and it means  a person who always remains happy.  If your child has a happy disposition, you can choose this name for her.

167. Sofia or Sophia

These names have the same meaning as each other and mean a wise woman.

168. Spriha

Spriha comes as a breath of fresh air after the popularity of Spruha in India. This name means  intense desire, relating to love.

169. Swara

It is a beautiful and musical name which means one of the seven basic notes of music or sound, in other words the basics of survival and growth.

170. Swarna

Though the word sounds like Swara, it means gold, pure and not mixed with impurities.

171. Taahira

It is a word of Arabic origin which means pure and chaste.

172. Tamanna

It is another beautiful name, not so common either, which means a wish.

173. Tanika

This is an African American name that is invented possibly on the lines of names like Tamika, Tanisha, and Tanya.

174. Tapaswini

It means a sage or a female wanderer who praises the lord.

175. Tara

It is a common word for the star in Hindi, it also refers to goddess Tara in the Himalayan region.

176. Tatum

Originally a surname meaning Tata’s homestead, this name has traveled a long way to become a popular name for baby girls. It appeals to new parents possibly because of its two-syllable pronunciation and phonetic sound.

177. Ualani

It is a Hawaiian name and word which means heavenly rain and is a rather unusual name for a baby girl.

178. Ujwal

It is a Hindi word which means light or something illuminated with light from within.

179. Uma

It is a Sanskrit word that is used to address Goddess Adi Shakti, the wife of Shiva as she reflects men and women as equal.

180. Unique

What is more unique than a name that spells it out? This name is derived from the English word and comes from the Latin unicus.

181. Urvi

It is another beautiful and uncommon name for your beautiful princess which means earth.

182. Vaagdevi

It is a rather difficult and different name which is used to address the goddess of learning and education, Goddess Saraswati.

183. Valeria

It is another beautiful baby girl name with Latin origins which means strong.

184. Vanamo

This Finnish modern name means  twinflower.  It is a perfect choice for parents looking for a name related to nature.

185. Vandana

It means to pray or to worship.

186. Vanessa

It is another feminine English name.

187. Vani

It is a Hindi word which means to speak or say.

188. Victoria

It is a much common and heard of Christian name with Latin origins which means victorious.

189. Vienna

Another baby girl name derived from the name of a place. In this case, the place is the beautiful Austrian city Vienna.

190. Wafiya

It means loyal or faithful in Hindi.

191. Waheeda

It is a feminine form of the Arabic masculine name Wahid, which means ‘unique.’ Variants of Waheeda are also found in Urdu and Turkish.

192. Willow

This name comes from the name of the willow tree and could be used to denote flexibility and suppleness in your little one’s body and mind.

193. Winter

Derived from the name of the season, this name is best for baby girls born in the colder months of the year.

194. Yamka

It is a Hindi word for flower, a rather unusual but very pretty name.

195. Yashasvi

It is like the Hindi blessing it means to succeed or become successful.

196. Ylenia

This is another modern Spanish name which is the variant of Ilenia. Ilenia could possibly be an elaborated form of Elena which means  torch.

197. Yuti

It is a Sanskrit word which means union.

198. Zara

Zara is a gracious girl name

Image: Shutterstock

It is a Hindi word which means princess or queen.

199. Zaria

This unique name could possibly be a derivative of the Arabic zahrah meaning  blooming flower  or zahara meaning  to shine.  Alternatively, it could also denote the Nigerian city Zaria.

200. Zendaya

Possibly inspired by the Shona name Tendai meaning  be thankful, thank,  this is the name of the American actress Zendaya Coleman mononymously known as Zendaya.

201. Zuhi

It is a unique word which means light.

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When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some gender-neutral baby names that can be used for both boys and girls?

Chloe, Danielle, Riley, Ujwal, Alex, Charlie, Jordan, Morgan, Taylor, Hayden, Jamie, and Avery are some latest girl names that can also be used as boy names.

2. Are there any baby girl names with a special meaning in a particular culture?

Many popular girl names nowadays have significant meanings in different cultures and religions. For example, Chloe is a popular English name of Greek origin that means ‘blooming,’ Himani is another term to refer to Goddess Gauri or Durga, and Tara is derived from the Goddess Tara in the Himalayan region.

3. Are there any baby girl names that are influenced by mythology or folklore?

Names, including Himani, Tara, Shakthi, Isabella, Uma, Vaagdevi, Valeria, Maya, Ira, Indira, and Gargi are mythology or folklore-inspired girl names.

4. Are there any baby girl names with a popular nickname or diminutive form?

Yes, Isabella is a popular name with various diminutive names, including Bella, Eliza, Isabel, etc. Similarly, the name Caroline has several diminutive names, such as Carla, Carl, Carlyn, Lina, and Ina.

5. What are some baby girl names that have a floral or botanical theme?

Some floral or botanical-inspired latest baby girl names are Lillian, Prajakta, Pankhuri, Yamka, Firdaus, and Olivia.

When parents welcome their babies, one of their most crucial tasks is to name them. You would like your daughter to have a unique name that represents her personality. This article offers you a list of the latest baby girl names that are unique and meaningful. A few examples of beautiful names include Hansa, which means swan, Ira, which means wisdom, and Madhur, which means sweet. So, choose a name that resonates with you and let it reflect in your daughter’s personality as she grows older.

Infographic: Latest Names For Baby Girls With Meanings

You have been waiting for your baby girl to come into your life, and it is almost time. But have you decided on the perfect name for your little princess? Fret not! In the following infographic, we list the latest modern names you must consider when naming your beloved daughter.

modern names for your baby girl (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Welcome to the sixth installment of our A-Z Unique Girl Names 2020 Edition! Explore some beautiful and enchanting baby girl names with special meanings for your little princess.

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